IEC Service

Information, education, and communication (IEC) is a public health system strategy that uses communication principles to change or reinforce health-related behaviors in a target audience over a predetermined period of time in relation to a specific problem.

In order to carry out the IEC on waste management in the most efficient and effective manner, we extend our services to urban local bodies. By adopting waste management practices that are secure and long-lasting, the goal is to change people's habits. Because of this, we work to educate the community about the significance of the three R's—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycleinforming them about the kind of waste, how it is separated at the source, and how it can help boost recycling rates and reduce waste pollution.

Key Benefits

  • Specialization - Get professional and dedicated service.

  • Assistance - End-to-end support- right from planning to final execution.

  • Scalability - Reach and scalability assured!

  • Innovation - Encourage creativity rooted in dynamic thinking!

  • Contribution - Support the Swachh Bharat initiative.

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