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“what” to dispose of scrap!


“when” to dispose of your scrap!


Know your Scrap Quotient!

Scraplan allows you to evaluate your impact on the environment in relation to the quantity of scrap you sold to us. The impact is expressed in terms of the natural resources you saved from overexploitation or the energy units you saved for a sustainable future.

Scrap your old vehicle off to be a part of the circular economy!

Why should you get rid of your old vehicles?

Due to its decreased efficiency and increased carbon emissions, vehicles older than 10 to 15 years become unfit to drive on roads. This makes them more likely to get into accidents on the road, requires a lot of upkeep, and has a big impact on the environment.

How does it help with the circular economy?

By adhering to the Vehicle Scrappage Policy of 2021, the proper disposal of a scrapped vehicle is simplified, fostering a circular economy in the automobile industry. While you take advantage of benefits like a waiver of a few road taxes and no registration fee for your new purchase.

What does Scraplan do about it?

We offer fair value in exchange for your vehicle when it becomes unsafe for use on public roads. Additionally, we issue a scrap vehicle certificate so that you can take advantage of the Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 benefits.

Zero Waste Movement

By implementing zero waste practices among your society's stakeholders and residents, our zero waste management services aid in the transition to zero waste.

  • Why should you involve your society in the zero waste movement?

    Involving your society is a great way to ensure that there circular flow of materials is promoted, thus, ensuring that they do not end up in a landfill.

  • How does it help with the circular economy?

    The development of a circular economy helps to minimize pollution, conserve resources, and lessen the impact on the environment.

  • What does Scraplan do about it?

    By reducing, reusing, and recycling waste to become a zero-waste society, our services assist you in avoiding wasteful practices.

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What Does Scraplan Do With Your Waste?

After your dry recyclable waste reaches us, we collect it in our facility, separate it and store it in bales. Then, we send them to licensed recyclers so that it can be transformed into new products and returned to the economy in order to achieve circularity.

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