Material Recovery Facility

By recovering resources from waste, we are committed to accelerating the circular economy and avoiding unneeded landfills. In order to accomplish this, we serve as a partner for the MRF (Material Recovery Facility), where the waste collected by municipal vehicles from a variety of households, businesses, institutions, and other bulk waste generators is stored for further processing at MRF centers before being sent for recycling and reuse based on the nature of the recovered materials.

Prospective Clients

Urban Local Bodies

Rural Local Bodies

Corporate Townships

Smart Cities

Government Schemes

Key Benefits

  • Digitization - Digitized traceability of the sources of the collection.

  • Specialization - Recruit a specialized workforce for effective operation.

  • Efficiency - Simplified logistics.

  • Scalability - Succeed in scaling up.

  • Contribution - Contribute to the mission of Clean India.

Your Impact

Through recycling and proper waste disposal, waste is diverted from landfills, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants. The community and business can coexist peacefully by setting sustainability goals and the business can focus on achieving enhanced economic growth, thus, adding to the best interest of all its stakeholders. Informally employed waste pickers harness the collection of plastic packaging waste to seek steady income and livelihood.

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