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Metal Recycling: Reality Check 101/ Why should I contribute towards metal recycling?

Metal recycling eliminates the need to produce new metal. Metal can be easily recycled without damaging its original properties. This means there is no real reason to create “new” metal — apart from to meet increased demand.

Recycled metal processing also consumes significantly less energy than ore mining, purification, and shaping. If we recycled all of our metal we could save up to:

  • - 92% of the energy that we currently use in producing “new” aluminium.
  • - 90% of the energy that we currently use in producing “new” copper.
  • - 56% of the energy that we currently use in producing “new” steel.

Are you convinced yet?

India's share of the global market for metal scrap recycling is USD 11 billion, or 2.2% of the total. The market is worth more than $500 billion worldwide. Metal recycling is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the process of producing new metal. With this context in mind, India can look at paving the way as a pioneer in metal recycling!

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Process of Metal recycling

  • Sorting - The metal that is collected for recycling is where it is sorted which involves separating what can be recycled from what is non-recyclable.The quality of metal recycled is very important.

  • Compacting - Machines are used to squeeze and squash all of the recycled materials so that they don't take up as much space on the conveyor belts.

  • Shredding - The shredding process begins after the metal has been broken and crushed–the metals are broken down into sheets or tiny pieces.

  • Melting - Then, the scrap metal is melted. When compared to the energy required to produce metal from its raw material, melting recycled metal requires less energy.

  • Purification - The purification procedure follows the completion of the melting process. Depending on the metal, various purification techniques are available today.

  • Recycled metal - The molten metal is then transported to a cooling chamber for cooling and solidification following the purification process. At this point, the scrap metal is transformed into a solid, usable metal.

  • After that, additional chemicals are added to the molten metal to give it its density and other properties.

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