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In the fast-paced world we live in today, there's an increasing focus on sustainability and responsible waste management. People are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their actions, and this includes how we deal with scrap materials. Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner, or an industrial facility manager, the need to responsibly dispose of scrap materials is a common concern. This is where Scraplan, the Best and top online scrap buyer and dealers in Bangalore, steps in to make the process convenient, eco-friendly, and profitable for you.

Selling Scrap Made Easy with Scraplan

Selling your scrap materials with Scraplan is a simple process.

Here's how it works:

  • Download the Scraplan app for iOS or Android.
  • Create an Account. Sign up for free. One account works on all devices.
  • Get the most amazing app experience.

By choosing Scraplan, you not only free up space in your home or workspace, but you also help create a cleaner and greener environment while making some extra money in the process. Our dedication to providing the best value for your scrap materials has made us the preferred choice among scrap buyers in Bangalore.

So, if you're looking for trusted scrap dealers in Bangalore, don't hesitate to contact Scraplan. We make scrap dealers and buyers company near me as easy as a few clicks, while also contributing to a sustainable future. Join hands with us, and let's turn your scrap into valuable resources while making a positive impact on the environment. Together, we can build a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable tomorrow.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make recycling a seamless process for you. With our application, you can schedule a scrap pickup at your convenience, and we will take care of the rest. Our team of waste recycling experts will ensure that your waste is properly sorted, recycled, or disposed of, so you can rest assured that you are doing your part for the environment.

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Why Us?

Convenient on-demand scrap collection at your fingertips

Scheduled scrap pickup tailored to your schedule and preferences

Effortless recycling options that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle

Simple and secure online billing with easy money withdrawal options


How it works - 3 easy steps

  • Download the app!

    Download the app for either Apple or Android.


  • Create an Account!

    Sign up for free. One account works on all devices.


  • Raise a pickup

    Get the most amazing app experience and enjoy scrapping.



User Experiences

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Link bank account or UPI, money will be transferred directly to your account

Currently operational in Bangalore, more areas will be added soon

All recyclable dry wastes. Ex paper,plastic,metals,e-waste

Can leave a review in the app after scrap pick up. Can leave a feedback on playstore for the app

40 to 50 mins depending on the availability of channel partner

10am to 9pm depending on availability of partners

Picked up, segregated, sent to respective recyclers


Select donate to NGO option in payment mood.

Beautiful & User-friendly Interface

Our Team


Mr. Chethan

As the founder of both CollegenoDu and GEMST Solutions, Mr Chethan blends his marketing expertise with a deep-seated passion for the environment. Combining his professional acumen with a commitment to sustainability, he is dedicated to creating positive change in the world.


Mr. K. Venkatraman Reddy

With over 33 years of experience in civil engineering, K. Venkatraman Reddy is a seasoned expert in the field. As the managing partner of KVR Infra Tech, he brings his extensive knowledge and skills to oversee projects of various sizes and complexities. In addition to his work at KVR Infra Tech, he serves as a consultant to the Pollution Control Board of Karnataka, where he leverages his expertise to contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.


Mr. Nithin

With a passion for environmental sustainability, Nithin is a civil engineer specializing in lift irrigation projects. He holds an MBA from the Swiss School of Management and Inseec Business School and brings a unique blend of technical and business expertise to his role as a partner at KVR Infra Tech. With a deep-seated commitment to environmental responsibility, he is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to some of today's most pressing sustainability challenges.

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